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New Features

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    Additional display options for Most Popular Products (Baynote) — The Most Popular Products Widget has been enhanced with the ability to hide or show the widget based on whether the user is viewing a Category or Product List page. With the widget on the Product List template, you can now specify that it should only render on Product Lists and not Category Lists, or vice versa.

    The default behaviour is still that the widget will display in both places. 

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    Ability to hide forward order Contact fields — The Forward Orders Widget has been updated with 2 new options. You can now elect to hide the Contact Name and Contact Phone Number fields during forward order checkout. These 2 fields are displayed by default.
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    Email template for EFT invoice payments — Similar to the email sent when users pay orders via EFT, a new BPD email template has been created for account payments by EFT.

    This customisable email contains a summary of invoices being paid, payment notes (if entered), and unallocated payment amounts (if this option has been enabled and funds are available).

    You can read more about BPD's widget-based email templates (including this one) here - Widget-Based Email Templates.

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    More product information for variants — The Product Attribute List & Product List Attribute List widgets have been enhanced with the following capabilities:
    • Option to display the product code for each variant in the list. This allows you to show the 'child' code if you wish.
    • Option to display the availability of each variant in the list. Let your customers order what you've got in stock! You can also display a custom availability widget here if required.
    • Ability to hide availability for certain roles.
    • Ability to hide the 'Total ex GST' column (displayed at the end of the list by default).
    • Ability to customise the In Stock / Out of Stock prompts

    These widgets are used to display variant options on the Product Detail page and in the Product List (zoned layout).

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    Personalisation is here! Personalisation is now available in the Commerce Vision CMS for sites on version 4.00.00+. This functionality allows you to target users by behaviour, showing only the content that is relevant to them.
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    Ability to hide child products in Search — The addition of new system flags means you can now hide child products from search and fast order entry. By default, searching by product code or description will include child products in the results (if they match criteria). However, now you can:
    1. Allow searching of child products by stockcode only - description searches won't return child products in results, but searching an exact child product code will. (version 3.99+)
    2. Hide child products completely - description and stockcode searches won't return child products, ever. Only the master product will be displayed. (version 3.92+)
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    Product feature slider enhancement — An enhancement to the slider function for Product Features (CMS Metadata maintenance) means you can now display values as whole numbers, decimals, or currency (whole or decimal).
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    Combined note lines in Order History — A new option has been added to the Track Order Widget ("Consolidate Note Lines?"), which allows note lines to be combined in the order history detail view. This provides a more streamlined, compact view for orders with multiple note lines against products. 
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    Customisable text in Cart Summary on hover — The Cart Summary Widget has been updated so that the word "items" in the summary text is no longer hardcoded. Now, instead of telling the user "You currently have X items in your cart", you can say 'products', 'goodies', 'treasures'... The options are endless.
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    Quick View popup for products — Isn't it great when you can zoom in to the details of a product without leaving the page of search results you're on? We thought so, too. So we've included Product Quick View as a standard BPD feature from version 3.97.13.

    With the Product Quick View Popup Widget, your customers can see product info, images, and technical details in a popup - all without navigating away from the page they're browsing. If they like what they see, they can instantly add the product to their cart.

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    Product Documents via CMS — You can now upload documents for products in the CMS, similar to the way you might already manage other product media. A new Product Documents widget is available to be added to the product detail page.

    This widget can display all documents associated with a product, or you can use tags to display only certain documents (combine tags with Layers to personalise your content!)




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    Freight promos and carrier rules — The Free Freight promo has been updated so that checkout is prevented if the promo carrier is not valid for the products on the order.

    The user will now be shown a message ("There are products on the order that cannot be sent by {carrier name} - please remove promo code") if the products on their order can't be shipped by the free freight carrier. This might happen if the product(s) are oversize or exceed the carrier's weight limit, for example.




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