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Customer Self Service features a function whereby a copy of the 'Order Confirmation' email can be sent to additional recipients (for example a Customer Service team), to advise that a new order has been placed and successfully integrated.

Most site administrators will already be receiving an 'Order Placed' email which is generated when the order has been submitted online. Receiving a copy of the 'Order Confirmation' email is a popular option because the template contains information such as the Debtor Code and ERP Sales Order Number. 

The email confirmation copy is enabled at the Role level.

Customer Self Service allows for a confirmation email to be sent to customers upon submission of new orders. 

Step-by-step guide

To Enable Order Confirmation Emails: 

  1. Login as an Administrator.
  2. Navigate to 'Settings - Notifications'.
  3. Locate the field labelled 'Send Order Confirmation to Customer'.
  4. Assign a value via the drop-down list:
    • No - System will NOT send a confirmation email to the customer upon order submission.
    • Yes (Standard) - System will send a confirmation email upon order submission.
    • Yes (With ETA) - System will send a confirmation email which includes an estimated delivery date. (Currently inactive. Output will be identical to the "Yes (Standard)" setting.)
    • Yes (without allocation) - System will send a confirmation email which lists products ordered, but no indication of quantities allocated vs quantities on backorder.
    • Yes (with Backorder) - System will send a confirmation email which indicates quantities allocated, as well as quantities (if any) on backorder.


Once Order Confirmation Emails have been enabled, email templates can be assigned at the system and/or role levels. Please refer to Template-based Order Confirmation emails - Classic sites for a guide on setting up these templates.

Note: once an Order Confirmation Email template has been assigned, it will dictate the content of the confirmation email. This means that options Yes (With ETA), Yes (without allocation), and Yes (with Backorder) effectively become the same as Yes (Standard).


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